An End To Untouchability

500 years ago, there was a village in northern India named Surajnagar. It was the time when casteism and discrimination were on the top and untouchability existed in every corner. Brahmins had their monopoly over everything from food to work to superiority, they came first in every aspect. Surajnagar was a beautiful village filled with various temples and that’s how the village had got its name after a sun temple. It was only possible for a brahmin to reside in this village as every other caste got insulted if they ever tried to enter. The village had many groups of brahmin living in it making it a place for no other caste. It was not long when their privacy got disturbed, on one unfortunate day Dhaniya, a Shudra unknowingly entered this village in search of shelter, on seeing him all the brahmins got so furious. They lost all control and started throwing rocks on him until he collapsed on the ground. On waking up, Dhaniya found himself thrown out of the village, weak and unwell he tried to pull himself up, when suddenly he sees a man, unwell, unconscious and groaning with pain, thrown out like him. He helped him to get up and on their way together, the man told his name is Manohar, he was once a big and respected brahmin in the village but with time he got struck with leprosy and all the villagers out casted him saying his disease is a result of some hideous sin he had made. Walking together in search of shelter, they arrived at the shore of The Ganges flowing alongside the village.
They decided to stay there and built a shelter for them, with time both shudra and brahmin came closer and became good friends. They were both very intellectual and often talk about enlightening issues. Due to their fondness for books, they had so many books in their hut which they read from time to time. While residing near The Ganges, both of them got an idea of peculiarly rising water level which could lead to a flood in the village. As soon as they found out about the water level, they tried many times to warn the villagers about the calamity which is going to come on them, but the haughty and ignorant brahmins did not pay heed. And one final day, it all happened, the whole village got drowned in the flood. No one survived. Everything swiped away with water. Manohar could not see this, he couldn’t take the pain of not able to help anyone, he blamed himself and couldn’t survive this. After Manohar’s passing away, Dhaniya had no reason to live, he decided to jump in the water but first, he threw all his books into it so that in the coming years The Ganges could be seen as an epitome of knowledge.