Once upon a time, there was a foreteller who had a parrot named Mitthu, who has always been caged since childhood and due to which he had never seen the world outside his cage. He always thought about the outside life, the feeling of freedom, sitting on the branch of a tree, playing with other parrots and most of all he misses the feeling of flying into the wide and colorful sky. Sitting hopelessly in his cage, one day his owner forgot to close the cage after opening it to feed Mitthu, it was a life changing opportunity for him and he couldn’t afford to lose it. As soon as the foreteller got busy in other things, Mitthu gathered all his courage and stepped out of his cage to fly but because he has never taken a flight before he was afraid to fall down. Trembling and shivering he took his first flight, he flew a little bit but came down, he tried again but did not go very far, this time he captured foreteller’s attention, thinking he is his pet so he won’t go anywhere foreteller did not try to catch him. Mitthu thanked God for giving him this another chance and this time he assembled all his courage and took a long flight and flew out of the house. This alarmed the foreteller, he ran to catch him but Mitthu had gone too far this time. Foreteller cried and screamed his name again and again, he told him how lucky he is to stay in his house where he is getting everything from food to shelter and that too without any hard work but life outside is not that simple, there will be hard work and no shelter and no family, even the group of parrots outside will not accept him. This made mitthu contemplate his decision. He thought about the hardships he will face but then again, he thought “of what use these wings are if he is meant to be caged?” this thought enlightened him and he flew towards the jungle. This time he took even a longer flight and went straight into the group of parrots. At first, all parrots refused to accept him and took him as a foreigner but slowly and gradually, with his intelligence and smartness he made his place among them. He told them about humans and their behavior and how they hunt them down, he told them the ways they all can be safe from humans, he became the light bearer for them and in no time, they all started preaching him and his greatness and he became their king.